Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Circle Of Life

Life isn’t so good when we always think about it. Do we know our self? How do we need someone in life, and, heretofore, we are still here; restless. A miscellany human beings indeed, of course, looking for something new, something that outstands them. Hereby, a power of will seems mishmash because money is everything. Wars, hatred, revenged, etc are sort of core of the unspoken story life. The Enormous sin is hypocrite. I do foray myself to be known all over the world, such in political makes me realize that something is made for someone. Taking everything at a relaxed blues tempo that is just shy of somnambulant, the world is getting worse. Egocentrism deem in the shades of glass; in the eye of people. I live in abattoir, I see people killing people, and I see someone killed someone merciless without being told. I dreamt about acerbity talk, by someone sweet, made me think juxtaposition. They are dilettante when it comes to judgment. I was a habituĂ© to this place so-called peaceful country; Malaysia. Now, I see, a black bitch is just released from the cage and looking for something worthy. He has obsessive-compulsive disorder, what a pity; poor him. Who is he? I couldn’t care less. I saw a young woman with a lot of energy and pizzazz. I envy her. Of what? Of her courage to speak up to public, she managed to go out peacefully. When I got into my tantrum, I shall speak dirtily. I move my ass to him, I see, my games, my rules. When someone is reluctant to make it happen, now that’s it. I could be nasty, which I’m not; don’t get bitch, get even. Shall I move my mask to something that is out of moralization, or peek-a-boo to the opportunity that was around us. He is indigent. He is moron. He is uncivilized. I said it’s ossifying, and he became wild, effrontery. Damn! Nobody cares. Even now, I couldn’t care less. I am free, not being racist. Oh, it’s a harsh isn’t? I am no longer a chap, I am a new man. I faced such obstacles; I presumed that nothing is forever. God has created such a wonderful creation; human being...a diaphanous cloth of pale gold. It’s empty. Silence is wise. When he’s going into tantrum, then people will see, how much does he gain by saying rubbish. I was here, I was a flamboyant, I knew, human being is such a big-sin-commitment-person. Did I look like I am playing? Of course not. Oh my God, I love the person so much. I knew it sounds a little bit down-turn-over, but I know that person loved me so. How did I know? Life isn’t so bad. It taught me to get the guts, to be a different person. ‘This’ huff me. It is just the matter of time. I did not see any convenience when someone is hexing someone. What I could see is the consequences, the bad and the whole nine yard of questions. It is dubious when I talked nicely. Well, something did not come for free. Whether you take it or leave it. It is very firm and crystal clear. The crowdness of people is harshly disputed by means. My mood in the middle of aging in the certain class has been done perfectly with the help of the guts and also the fear of possibilities. The boat that has sunk in the deep ocean is deeply forgotten. From the best, it’s now the worst. The eyelet of the look of shimmering horizontal way of communicating has been spread by the radar, obviously by our own instinct. The purposes of having such a waste time in order to have someone that we like are useless. I still believe in love, neither to have it sooner or later, nor been taken by someone that is just in front of our eyes. I am confused. I do really feel humble to the certain extent where human being is just a human, nonetheless they are something mighty. The excerpt of having the child after we’ve been tied is similar to ask about your roots. Do we still confuse? I may be afraid of the anti-social illness, however, it’s now been settled by the conjunction of mankind. The dizziness in my mind has taught me into something that bothered the people. They started to worry, to be alert of. Are you trying to seduce me? Oh well, the words are here. It begins with the confidence, and it ends with the difficulty. Wider perspective of considering the good and bad influences has been established with the sense of guilty; thus innocently light up. The spotlight is in individual, the combination results verities. The outcomes of what you have learnt may be come into something that is out of context. Well, the constructivism of the subject that I got is determined by the words. Off the shell, I moved on. The next stage is the period of giving the nice things precisely about the attitude, our faith actually. Dogs in the same street barks alike. They were like pretending they don’t know anything, yet claimed that they can conquer the world. Bullshit man! I’m not condemning them; some of them are good enough to say it out loud. However, some is worse, even sucks! Responsible is only the medium to pay your dignity, not your soul. You are running from the realities of the world, it is such an issue to be bold off. Not many people are here to guide you, not all of them are nice person. I didn’t make mountain over the hills. I do not foreign my roots just only to say that I am a great man. I am just being myself, a humble person.