Thursday, August 20, 2009

Same Thing - Whatever

I don’t expect this to be happened.

The ironies are; you’ve been here, you suited yourself in your most comfortable zone and yet, you still act silly as you were. Just like the old time, how lame!

Here’s the problem.
Well, it’s not kind of a big problem but still, yes, it is a problem.
I don’t think people nowadays are still in the third-class-minded. Did they?
Because I thought being a human is about maturity, not eccentricity.

Extrovert and introvert (The atypical label instead of impulsivity and reflectivity).
For me, I am in the middle. I’m on the thicker side as opposed to the thinner side. I am not an orthodox person; it’s just my personal choice. So, which one are you in?

Anyway, back to the basis.
I just can’t stand with those stupid people who love to bark and it sounds suck. Yeah, they sucked and so do their thoughts, everything didn’t work on them.

I don’t give a damn. I don’t give a shit. I don’t really care and I don’t entertain clowns. I embraced myself and I do respect others.

Practically, the terms idiots are just nice to those monkeys and clowns out there. I don’t know, maybe it’s just my feelings but who cares? I still want them to be labeled as those.

To the root its back, to the future it holds.
My axiom told me not to, but still, my amygdala speaks louder and I can’t see why I have to please other people while I am not happy with myself! Pardon me? I am no different.

I choose neither my future nor my past, but my present; my now.

Predictable doesn’t always mean boring.
Lust doesn’t always mean love.
Near doesn’t always mean close.
New doesn’t always mean exciting.
Different doesn’t always mean better.
Far doesn’t always mean distance.
Knowing everything doesn’t make you wise.
Knowing the truth doesn’t make you superior.
Knowing your problem doesn’t solve it.
Sitting between you past and your future, doesn’t mean you’re in the present.

I think I’m falling in love. Involuntarily blessed with something people spend their entire lives searching for. Lucky me.

I think I made the most original decision of my life. I chose to be one. Well, life is short and I’m going to enjoy to the fullest. The end.