Wednesday, November 10, 2010

i love myself

do you? yes, i do.

how do define yourself? if a person ask u this kind of question:

"kau suka diri kau? ape yang kau suka kat diri kau? kau rase kau chanteq?"

that's the kind of question you may face if you talk to me. yes, i hate people who are behaving like a bitch padahal they don't. you know, acting as one but people see you as gedix. you know, gedix. menggeletis. yaw! jijik!


you walk alone in the cafe, and suddenly you just stare one person (kalau kau stare aku merasa la ko kene serang balas), and then you just walk like there's no tomorrow. o please, that's not kind of attitude people would salute you. they maybe salute you with their middle finger. there!

okay, this is the beginning of my entry. gonna start blogging very soon if i am rajin enough to write somethin'.

yes, you can call me a kind-hearted bitch.


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