Monday, November 15, 2010

rain and roll

there are two more papers before i can officially announced that i am a truly free man! (besides all the theater thingy). well, these two papers are the worst (i bet ya). just answered koko paper and it was bloody bloody...i can't describe what it looks like.

it's raining Hermes and Gucci out there, so, it's the best time, probably, for me to sleep, watching movie or just chill out. how i miss my home so much (padahal esok dah nak balek)

nothing much to say, but, i am not as happy as i used to be. doesn't make any difference pun kalau happy. nah, never mind. oh yes, we are waiting our fucking allowance to be banked in. it was a month due. i thought we'll be getting very soon, but apparently we are not. yeah, fucking retard!

food for thought: can you name the fluids which contain alcohol besides boosts and perfumes? if u have the answer, pls let me know. thanks.

the end.

p/s: i saw what you did last evening. *cakap kat sape tatau. haha!

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