Saturday, November 13, 2010

pencil and papers

frankly speaking, i hate exams. i really mean it.

you see, it's just a way to measure our achievement after, what, like 6 months struggling in studying? come on. 'they' should come with another way. perhaps, vanish the exam so that students will be happy and less burden to the teachers?

i am in both. i am a teacher-to-be and a student. there!

what makes me hate examination more is, the subjective, structured kind of question. do 'they' need to do such things? aren't we tortured enough to answer with all the MCQ's? now, i have to read more to fathom what it is all about.

i am bounded to be the best eventhough i am not (yet!). whatever.

o yes, studying is never fun, u got to admit it. even when it comes to your favourite subject, still, you will keep whining all the times. trust me.

nah, gotta do my forced revision. otherwise, tomorrow, i'm gonna sit still and make myself as a giraffe, watching and looking and searching the answers. i did that, so what? didn't you? whatever.

the end.

p/s: currently listening to Alexandra Burke; Start Without Me. catchy!

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